Tips for Shopping at Used Car Dealers in South Gate, CA

Tips for Shopping at Used Car Dealers in South Gate, CA

Nowadays, more and more people are choosing used cars because they are less expensive and often perform just as well as their newer counterparts. However, before you start shopping used cars for sale in South Gate, CA, you need to make sure you're properly educated so that you can find the best option for your budget and needs. Keep reading to learn some helpful tips for buying a used car. 

5 Tips for Buying a Used Car 


Review Your Budget

Before you step foot into one of the many used car dealers in South Gate, CA, have a set budget in mind. While used cars are less expensive than new models, they can still be costly. If you are financing, determine what you can spend per month on a payment plan. Depending on your credit and how much money you put down, your monthly payment can vary. You don't want to lock yourself into a vehicle payment plan that will impact how you pay for your other expenses.

Research Used Car Prices

Sites like will give you an idea of how much certain cars will be depending on their condition. However, these prices are not definitive. They are meant to give you a general idea of pricing. When you decide on the type of car you want, you will want to research desirability and availability to get a better idea of pricing. 

Avoid Purchasing at Your First Visit

You think you may have found your dream car during your first visit, but you'll want to avoid impulse buys. Take a day or two to research the model and its pricing. You might find it for a better price at another dealer or you may find out that there is a better option that suits your needs. Always shop around when it comes to car buying.

Test Drive the Car

Most reputable dealerships will allow you to test drive a vehicle before purchasing. A car can look great, but ultimately, you want something that performs as good as it looks. Ask to take the car for a test drive so you can determine if it's comfortable and easy to handle. 

Get a Used Vehicle History Report

There is a story behind every used car. It may have only been driven once and sold to a dealer because the owner changed their mind, or it could have experienced multiple accidents or issues. Ask the dealer for the VIN (vehicle identification number) so that you can research the accident history online. Knowing the history behind a used car may help you when it comes to making a final decision as well as negotiating on price.

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